What is Face Toner Used For?

Someone asked me recently, "what's the point of toner and why should we use toner?" So I thought I would share the answers for everyone here.

After you wash your face, no matter what the cleanser is, it moves the pH level of your skin up or down. What toner does, is it puts that pH level of your skin back down to normal, back down to that middle seven where we want it to be, so that it is for better product absorption. Toner also, on top of being amazing to help you with your absorbing your products, is also great for hydration. Because sometimes they use cleansers like a glycolic cleanser or a salicylic cleanser, your skin can be a little dry. That's what the whole point of that cleanser is, is to remove excess oil. But sometimes it can feel a little dry and cracked. So just a little spritz of toner can help put that equilibrium back into your skin. One other use for toner, especially the Skin Script Hydration Toner is, spritz it as a makeup setting spray and that makeup will last you the whole day. Now if you're going to be out playing volleyball in makeup and everything like that, okay, no then you're going to need like the Urban Decay All-Nighter or something. But this, if you're in an office job, this is going to work great. The other thing that this does too is if you get dry throughout the day, especially now we've got the winter coming up, we're getting dry skin. It's kind of weird because we're in this weird funky time in Arizona where it's hot and then it's cold and then it's hot and then it's cold. Your skin doesn't know what to do with that, so our skin can get really dry. If you just put a little spritz of toner throughout the day, it's going to help keep it hydrated keep it at a very happy level. If you have any questions about skincare, products, anything, just feel free to reach out to me at 480-518-2775. I'll be more than happy to answer everything that you need.

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