Types of Chemical Peels

When it comes to skin treatments, do you ever wonder which one is right for you? One of the most common skin treatments estheticians do are chemical peels. Most people have heard of a chemical peel, but they are not sure what it is or what it is good for. Chemical peels get rid of the top layer of skin and reveal the new healthy skin underneath. They are used for a variety of skin issues, including acne, age spots/discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles.

Also, many people don't know that there are quite a few different types of chemical peels.

The four types of chemical peels that we do are the mandelic (face reality peel), lactic, glycolic and TCA peels. They are all superficial chemical peels that use a liquid acid solution, which is non-harmful of course.

Mandelic acid is used to exfoliate the skin in a mandelic, or as we call it, Face Reality peel. This type of peel is very gentle on the skin and great for treating darker skin, large pores acne, hyper-pigmentation, and/or anti-aging. A lactic acid peel is good for all types of skin and is used typically for fading dark spots, treating acne, and smoothing out rough skin. A Glycolic peel is the most gentle of all of the peels and best for oily skin. It is used mainly for anti-aging and to brighten the skin. TCA, or trichloroacetic acid, peel goes super deep into the skin and is the most aggressive of all of the peels. This type of peel is most effective on dark spots and anti-aging, but not done until the skin is prepped with other peels

Since there are so many choices when it comes to chemical peels, it is best to consult with a licensed esthetician to pick the one that is best for your skin. Feel free to email us at faceitskincareaz@gmail.com with any questions you may have about chemical peels or any other skin treatment.

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