The Face It Skincare Difference

As I was looking at other websites and spas in my area, I noticed that so many of them consider some of the things I include in a facial as add-ons and charge the client for them. For example, extractions, which I feel is part of every treatment, some spas will charge an additional $10 to do them.

Some of the places I looked up also charge for high frequency treatments to help reduce inflamed and painful acne. If you are in pain, and there is something I can do to help that, I am going to just do it. I do not charge anything extra for high frequency. This is a standard practice of mine when people have inflamed acne.

I also noticed that some places will do a basic facial with a mask, but no enzyme or any kind of exfoliation. The whole point of the mask is to work with the enzyme and get those amazing ingredients to penetrate further into the skin for better results. A mask with no exfoliation is not nearly as beneficial as a mask with an exfoliation.

Finally, there are spas that charge $20 to remove milia. Milia are those hard, white bumps that you just cant get rid of. Estheticians have the tools to make those go away. When I see a client with them, I do my best to get them out. I never charge extra for this, as it is part of the service they are there for. I would hate to think of one of my clients walking around with bumps that are bothering them, when I can do something to fix it.

So when you come to Face It Skincare, I don't make every service an add on. Instead, I offer you complete customized service, every time.

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