3 Summer Skin Tips

Summer is in full swing and the sun is as hot as ever! By now, I am sure you have seen the effects of summertime on your skin; dryness, dark spots, dehydration, etc. But, hopefully you haven't had a major sunburn. I am hoping these helpful tips will prevent you from anymore skin damage...

1) Drink water; about half your body weight. This will help your skin not get too dry and dehydrated. When our skin is dehydrated, we tend to look older and our wrinkles show more. Who wants that! Besides, our body needs water to stay healthy.

2) Apply a face moisturizer, sunscreen and lip balm with sunscreen in it every morning and then every two hours that you are outside. The type of sunscreen is important too. Make sure you are getting a physical or mineral sunscreen, not a chemical one. They are better for your skin and the environment.

3) Get a hydrating facial monthly to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. This will help with all of the effects of summer.

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