Self-Care Tips

Now that the holidays are over and the year is winding down, are you making time for you? This is the perfect time of year to rest, relax and refresh. Self-care is important and should be part of your normal routine. Some research has shown that it is critical to your health and well-being. If you make time to take care of you, then you have the capacity to take care of everything else in your life. It also makes you happier and healthier physically and emotionally. If you don't, then you get worn down and even sick. So, we have put together a list of ways you can practice self-care on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

1) Get a facial or skincare treatment monthly or bi-monthly. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It needs to be healthy.

2) Exercise/practice yoga. Your body needs to be fit to withstand our go go go culture.

3) Take naps. Rest and relaxation will help you rejuvenate your mind and body.

4) Get regular massages. This helps you di-stress and increase blood flow.

5) Meditate/pray/reflect. This will help you be more thankful.

6) Take a bath. Epsom salt baths sooth sore muscles.

7) Read your favorite book. Escape reality for a little while.

8) Have lunch with your friends or family that make you laugh. Laughter is the best medicine.

9) Feed your body nutritious meals. Our body needs fuel just like our car, so give it the good stuff to make it last.

10) Take time away from work. It will help you reset.

Practice self-care daily so you can live your best life. It will take time, but soon it will become a habit you will love!

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