LED Light Therapy

Have you heard of LED light therapy? It has an interesting ring to it right? Well, it is as amazing as it sounds. LED stands for Light-emitting diode. So, LED light therapy is a non-invasive skincare treatment that uses red, blue and infrared light technology to treat acne and signs of aging.

This therapy is done by placing a device, mask, or light panel above or on the face. Then the esthetician turns on the device and chooses the light color that will be best for your skincare needs. So, depending on whether you are fighting off acne or the aging process, the esthetician will choose the color that will help you the best.

The lights emit therapeutic wavelengths deep into the skin to stimulate natural reactions. This treatment can produce collagen to help with fine lines and wrinkles. It also produces oxygen radicals to fight bacteria and inflammation, depending on which color you choose. Whether you are suffering from terrible acne, have pigmentation on your skin or just get sick of looking at all of those wrinkles, LED light therapy will be beneficial for you.

The great news is that I just replaced my LED light therapy mask with a high-powered Lightwave LED therapy machine, for better results. I am so excited to see the amazing results my clients will have with this new device.

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