Anti-Stress Tips

During these unprecedented times in our world, many people feel overwhelmed and stressed. These are very normal feelings, but they not good for our bodies. A lot of our clients are breaking out and coming to us with skin issues that they hadn't had in the past. This is due to the stress your body is feeling. So, we wanted to share some tips and anti-stress strategies with you for preventative care...

1) Learn a few new breathing and relaxation techniques. Here are a few great websites...




2) Take a warm bath.

3) Get a relaxing facial.

4) Practice daily meditation or stretching.

5) Exercise daily.

6) Eat healthy meals. The better we feed our bodies, the better our mind feels.

7) Listen to calming music when you are feeling stressed.

8) Keep a gratitude journal. List all of the things you are grateful for daily.

9) Laughter is the best medicine. Watch a funny movie, tv show or comedy show.

10) Call your loved ones and keep in touch with friends. Even if we are far apart, we can remain connected with all of the great technology.

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