Acne During Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Are you experiencing more acne than usual? You are not alone. Hormonal acne is very common in pregnant women, especially in the first and second trimester. This is due to the increase in hormones your body is producing during pregnancy. This leads to oily skin, which then clogs your pores and causes breakouts.

What can you do about it? Well, the good news is a lot! There are several topical products you can use to help as well as getting monthly facials. An Esthetician or skincare specialist can help you find the right products to use between facials. It is a good idea to avoid over-the-counter products during pregnancy, as they may have harmful chemicals that get absorbed by the body. So, during pregnancy, stick to the higher-quality products suggested by an Esthetican.

Of course, always talk to your doctor about what to avoid during pregnancy for the safety of you and the baby.

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