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In a recent interview, on the Collaborative Connections Radio Show and Podcast inside the Phoenix Business Radio X studio, Holly talks with host Kelly Lorenzen about Face It Skincare. Check it out here...

Here's the full episode...

Holly C.: Well, I'm a licensed esthetician. I'm also a licensed aesthetics instructor. I can actually teach students how to be an esthetician. But mostly what my business is about corrective skincare, anti-aging, acne. I do a little bit of facial waxing, but no body waxing. I'm mostly about helping you feel like your best, that's my goal. I love all surgeries. I do facials, microneedling, dermaplaning. I love more of the advanced procedures in the aesthetics industry. And mostly what I love is working with clients and helping them reach their skincare goals because skin is amazing and it is important. Kelly L.: It is. It's part of your everyday health. It should be just as important as your teeth, right? Holly C.: Exactly. I mean skincare is part of self-care. It's a necessity in this world. Kelly L.: Absolutely. I've had every single one of your treatments I think so far. But for those of you, listeners maybe, who don't know what... let's say three things... what's a microneedling? Holly C.: Microneedling is basically called collagen induction therapy. And what microneedling does is it kind of creates a controlled injury to the skin. Now, we are not really injuring the skin because we are using hyaluronic acid to puncture into the skin cells, which automatically heal those top layer skin cells. But your dermis, which is in charge of creating this collagen and also healing, actually then kicks into high gear and says, wait, there is an injury up there. I got to fix this. I got to push up collagen and skin cells and make this better. Holly C.: It's almost like when you get a cut and the cut heals from the bottom up, that's what microneedling does. And it starts to fill in fine lines and scars and things like that while being very noninvasive. Even though you might be a little pink and things like that, you are not going to have any downtime with this. It's not like a laser treatment where you remove your entire top layer of skin and you've got to be home for 12 days. This is actually something that's very effective that you can go to work the very next day and no one is going to know you had it done. Kelly L.: That's great. And what about a microdermabrasion? Holly C.: Microdermabrasion is awesome because it is kind of a nice polishing of the skin. It's a really great exfoliation. It's what we call a manual exfoliation where it's a machine and it uses a diamond tip to go along the skin surface to remove the dead skin cells. Also, it gives you a nice polish kind of look and it also does get that dermis kind of working a little bit to kind of help us scars and also sometimes helps clear out the pores and things like that too. Kelly L.: That's great. And tell us last about teen acne. Because I had brought my son to you and you are helping him with his acne. A lot of teens suffer from acne. I know you tell me all this stuff because I already know your answers, but for those of our listeners, why would you bring a teen to you for acne rather than, number one, just take them to a dermatologist? They are going to put them on Accutane, right? Holly C.: Well, Accutane has a lot of side effects. In fact, I even have a friend who he did Accutane as a teenager and he now has severe back pain and back issues from the Accutane. And there is not a lot that can be done for that. What I use is called Face Reality. And it's a series of home care and also chemical pills, not the chemical pills that you see where the skin is completely removed. They are more superficial peels of mandelic acid base. Mandelic acid can actually go down into the follicle of the skin and disinfect and work on inflammation and clear out that acne, even on those middle layers of skin. Acne is horrible. I mean, I feel for anyone who has it. And it has really become a major trademark of my business. And what I really work towards is trying to help people clear their acne. Holly C.: Even in adults. I mean people tell people, "You will outgrow it." And not everybody outgrows acne. I have plenty of people that have had acne since they were 10, and they are now 40 and they are still dealing with this. And this system has actually been able to get them clear. Kelly L.: That's so great. And I heard you say you teach estheticians, what are you teaching them? Somebody who just got their license maybe and wants to know other ways to help their clients? Holly C.: Yes. Usually when you get out of school, you know the basics. Sanitation of course is a big thing that you learn in the school. But you also do learn basic facials and things like that. What I generally teach in my salon area shop is microneedling because a lot of schools don't teach microneedling because a lot of times their insurance won't allow it. Dermaplaning is also something that I teach as well. And then sometimes I have nurses that will kind of want to get into the industry that will contact me. And we do kind of a boot camp class of helping them learn the hands on of some of the aesthetics work. Kelly L.: That's great. Tell us about LED. LED is a big buzz word these days. You have LED light therapy. Tell us what that's good for. Holly C.: LED light is amazing. It's called light emitting diode. It is not UVA or UVB light, so it's non-harmful. And what LED light can do is... There is different colors for different things. Red light can go down to the dermal layer, which then heats up your dermis and actually helps get that new skin cells growing, helps to fill in lines and scars, helps with tightening. The red light is great for the anti-aging. It also can sometimes help with inflammation. Holly C.: Blue light is more for acne. And blue light goes to those middle layers of skin where acne is formed and works on disinfection and also inflammation. It kind of helps with the acne that's already formed. And let's say someone has cystic acne, and they get a lot of those really big painful ones, this can actually make them much smaller by the time they actually reached the surface of the skin since the lifetime of an acne is 90 to 120 days. Someone who is acne prone can already have acne formed on their lower layers of skin. The LED light can try to get rid of it at those middle layers of skin, or at least lessen it if they are prone to the cystic acne. Kelly L.: That's great. Advise something for listeners to help them with their acne or their face. Maybe they have just dark spots or maybe they have acne and they are like, "I don't know, I'm too nervous." What differentiates you from other estheticians, let's say? Holly C.: I would probably say I used to be a social worker and a probation officer. I come from a very caring line of work. There is so much on television and we get inundated with if you do this and all this. And not everybody is the same. And estheticians understand that not everyone's skin is the same. And just because something might work for Laurie doesn't mean that it's going to work for you because your skin could be different. Estheticians understand that. And also true is a lot of times some of the over-the-counter products can be over-stripping if you have acne. And then you are actually creating more acne because your pores are trying to keep up and they are getting clogged again. Holly C.: Also true, I had a client that just came in the other day who bought every retinol product there is over the counter and she almost burned her skin off and had a lot of irritation because she thought she was supposed to do that every day. Well, with retinol products there is a slow introduction process to it. You can't just toss retinol on your face every day in the beginning. Holly C.: Estheticians help answer those questions and help you see through those kinds of waters of what's the best thing for your skin. And also, I specialize and everything is customized to you. If you come to see me and you have one issue and you say, "Okay, I want to work on this issue." Then we are going to focus on that issue. But I'm going to make sure it's the exact treatment that you need when you are in front of me and what you need that day. Kelly L.: That's awesome. Well, I know you are awesome. Next guest is Laurie Hamel with Western Insurance Advisors. Thank you for being here.

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