Healthy New Year

Happy New Year! Did you make a new year's resolution or two? Did any of them have to do with your health? If so, may I suggest including your skin. Did you know that having healthy skin affects your whole body in many ways? Most people think that skincare is just a cosmetic thing, but it's not and here's a few reasons why we should all want healthy skin in 2019...

1) Healthy skin produces vitamin D when exposed to the sun, which we all need. But, don't forget the sunblock.

2) Healthy skin helps keeps our body temperature regulated.

3) Our skin is the largest organ on our body. We should take care of it like our other organs.

4) Keeping your skin healthy helps prevent damage to your bones or internal organs.

5) Our skin is a barrier against infection.

Let Face It Skincare help you get healthy skin in 2019.

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